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Why family pet project?

Family Pet Project is a safe haven for those adopting and those looking to rehome a pet. We aim to make it as easy as possible to adopt a pet while maintaining several protective checkpoints. We use an adoption application process similar to that of a pet rescue, we perform public background checks, and all potential adopters must be approved by our staff of animal welfare experts. Just in case someone falls through the cracks, our site flags suspicious behavior (such as buying and selling an abnormal amount of animals) and adds the user to our “Do Not Adopt” list. We share this list with welfare organizations across the country to prevent potential pet flippers and backyard breeders from adopting. And to further negate potential animal abusers and those unwilling to adequately provide for their pets, we do not allow pets to be listed for free.

Listing a Pet for Adoption

Pets belong in a home, not in a shelter. Rehoming a pet keeps pets out of shelters, allowing those organizations to give specialized attention to animals with medical, temperamental, or emergency situations. We understand that this does not mean that you no longer love your pet. In fact, ensuring your pet is safe is the most selfless and loving thing you can do. And there’s no need to worry about rehoming to a “good home only,” because all those browsing on our site have been vetted and verified as responsible animal lovers in need of a furry friend.

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