Austin, TX

  • Owner: Heather
  • Age: 3 Years 0 Months
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Cat
  • Breed: American Shorthair
  • Size: 10 Lbs
  • Neutered: Yes
  • Rabies: Up To Date (04 June, 2018)
  • Human Aggression: None

    Good with...

  • Cats yes
  • Dogs no
  • Kids yes

More about Beemer...


My name is Beemer; I earned this name after I hid in the wheel well of a BMW traveling 360 miles from South Padre Island ALL THE WAY TO AUSTIN, TX! My owners were impressed with my bravery and figured I really must want to be in Austin if I was willing to risk one of my nine lives to get here! I am a sweet and lovable cat and I love my adoptive family, especially the mom of the house. But their house is a bit too busy for me; they already have three other cats and the family travels a lot. Each time they leave, I feel very anxious. I play very well with two other boy cats in the house, but the female alpha cat who already lived here makes me nervous. She is bigger than I am and she intimidates me. My human mom is very sad to let me go because when the house is quiet and calm, I come out of my hiding spot to play, cuddle and get lots of pets. I make cute little meows to her in a “call and response” kind of way. I love sleeping in her lap when she reads in front of the fire or with her in the bed when the dad of the house is traveling. I don’t seem to like men or teenage boys; why do they stink so much? To make them smell better, I pee on any of their clothes (or pillows or suitcases) that they have left lying around. This has made my mom very sad and very tired; she is crying as she is writing this, because she loves me so much, but she worries I'm not in the best home for me yet. My human mom thinks my ideal situation would be a quiet house with a female owner either with no other cats or other cats who are very loving and supportive, not super-alpha or intimidating. I'm a lover, not a fighter!

Reason for Rehoming

Pets not getting along

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